Oh dear, I seem to have forgotten about this blog, clearly I would make a terrible influencer! Now I have remembered I thought I would use the space to let you into a little secret.

Being a florist is wonderful, it's such a great way to spend my days.

There are of course jobs I am not too keen on, scrubbing stinky buckets, really really early starts, the time pressures, juggling the finances and way more paperwork than you'd imagine! BUT, unpacking each days fresh delivery, seeing a beautiful full flower stand, creating something special for people and hearing how much you love your flowers.

For a very long time I have hosted flower workshops, both at my old Netherton shop, and in a bigger way here at my Holmfirth studio. The one thing that strikes me more than anything about the workshops is how mindful they are, we are really 'in' the moment.

Learning a new skill, among other encouraging people, taking a few hours just for you, actually making, creating, something from raw materials is so satisfying. Sometimes I see a stunning arrangement someone has produced and say "YOU made that", their look of joy, surprise and peace is amazing and my most favourite part of the workshops.

Why not come along to one of my 2024 workshops to enjoy a few hours just for you. Head over to my webshop to see what's on offer in 2024.

Happy New Year All, Sam xx

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I absolutely love making special funeral tributes, the more challenging the request the better! It is truly an honour and a privilege to provide the final gift for someone so loved.

After talking with the family my planning starts early, I generally draw up a timing plan and work out exactly how a design will be constructed to add realism and detail. Once I have played with the design and practiced the mechanics I order what I need as much as possible in advance.

Flowers arrive just in time so they are fresh and beautiful for the day. Occasionally people are surprised a bespoke design is more expensive than they expected, todays 125 stems, plus sundries illustrates why!

The variety of work I do as a florist keeps me on my toes and ensures there is never a boring day. Yet, nothing takes my heart and soul as much as helping you say goodbye.

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Thanks for visiting my new blog, I hope you will enjoy reading about all things flowery, the daily life of a jobbing florist and my musings!

In between sending out lots of lovely bouquets this week I have been hard at work preparing the cutting patch for my seedlings .

Now while I am not Yorkshire born I have come to appreciate saving my brass for more exciting things, so when a visit to the garden centre proved sweetpea frames to cost an arm an a leg I set myself to make one. With a big bag of kindling gifted bamboo canes and a roll of florist pot tape I made a decent job of it. The sweet peas are looking healthy and are keen to get out, I am going to bob them in next week once I am sure no frost will kill them off, fingers crossed! I collected the seeds from last years crop, such a beautiful and highly scented bloom, I can’t wait to use them in the flower studio.

Check back for updates and feel free to get in touch if you want to learn anything floristry related , Love Sam x

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